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Paradise (Not For Me)

Into your eyes...MY FACE Remains!

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Birthdate:Apr 9
Website:Who are the angels...Surely NOT me!

I can't remember • When I was young • I can't explain • If it was wrong • My life goes on • But not the same • Into your eyes • My face remains • [I've been so high] • I've been so down • [Up to the skies] •Down to the ground • I was so blind • I could not see • Your paradise • Is not for me • Autour de moi • Je ne vois pas •Qui sont des anges • Surement pas moi • Encore une fois •Je suis cassée • Encore une fois • Je n'y crois pas • All around me • I could not see • Who are the angels • Surely not me • Once more again • I am broken • Once more again • I don't believe it

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